Friday, October 23, 2009

Boxing in Nambucca

Kyle, me and Aline : )

Hi guys - thought I would fill you in on where I went last Saturday ( 17th Oct 2009 )
My friend Kyle Hands invited me to the boxing, he is a ref. They have the proper ring and ring girls !! This is a photo I got with them.
I really liked the boxing, we took Poppy along because he used to do a bit of boxing himself.
I had the best time, there was only one part I didn't like and that was when some blood splattered over onto our table. The boxer had a bleeding nose.

Below is me with the ring girls and one of the boxers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Concert PICS - me as Robbie !!

Hey everyone - little bit late but I have a few photo's of the night to share with you. The concert was great although I was a little tired and ended up doing 2 songs but loved every minute of it.
I have some cool dancers that will dance with me whenever we do a performance - they are the C-Mac Dancers ( Hailey, Kat & Amy ). They are even going to be dancers for Robbee Williams Live show - so look out for them : )

I will get some more sorted soooooon : )