Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods & Funding for hospitals

2GB chat with Glenn Wheeller ( 12/12/09 )

Hi everyone - well my chat to Glenn this week was about the above topics - so if you missed it here is a little update.

TIGER WOODS - well the question is should he give up golf or not ????

Well I think he should definitely take a break while he concentrates on his wife and kids. Then go back to what he loves doing as he is pretty dam good at it and it is his job that is how he pays the bills.
The sponsors have kept him on as they have chosen him for his golfing skills, and this has given them lots of publicity.


In Saturday's telegraph it showed a little baby that had been saved and it was explaining how costly it is to keep the sick children alive.
I go to the Children's Hospital at Westmead and have done since I was flown at birth. If it wasn't for the equipment and specialised doctor's I would not be here today. I go to the hospital from 6 to 15 times a year and have had 43 operations and countless tests and treatments.

The hospital has to raise around $30 million dollars this year to make these services and care available to all the really sick kids. Without this money we wouldn't have the specialist doctors and we wouldn't have the extra care and equipment needed.

I know the girls in fund raising at the hospital and they tell me how much they have to raise. It is huge I was shocked when I first heard it was in the millions I thought I would help.

So now I help my girlfriends at the hospital by raising money for the hospital with concerts, calendars and CD's.

My mum says - until you are there at the hospital or have a family member or friend that is ill you don't realise how much we rely on their exert help and care. Once you have been touched by someone that has saved your child you can not resist helping them.

We give 10% of our profits from our online shop to the Children's Hospital at Westmead to help other chronically ill children like me.

Well its over and out from me.

Connor : )

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2GB Chat with Glenn Wheeler

Saturday 28th November 2009

Glenn let me come in and talk to him on his radio show - my mum and I went in for an hour to have a chat about hospital and other things I have been up to .

Glenn was great to talk to - I had a great laugh with him and also some little bits of serious about my condition - then we talked about us meeting at the ARIA's. I joked and said it was like love at first site !!!! lol - he was just commenting on how we hit it off and I had a chat with him after the ARIA's for about 15 minutes.

Glenn also sent his driver ' Sam the cabbie ' out to the hospital to pick mum and I up. The car was really cool and Sam was really really nice as well. Here is a picture of Sam and I when he dropped us back at the hospital.

I hope we get to keep in touch and see more of Glenn - he is cool. So watch out Glenn I will be getting some good jokes to hit you with as well.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ARIA's - ACER Arena Sydney 26th Nov 2009

Hi Everyone - got to go to the ARIA's on Thursday it was awesome - I got to see Robbie Williams live !!! my dream has been to meet and hang out with Robbie but it wasn't able to happen so the next best thing was to see him perform live. Once Robbie did his song I just wanted to run on stage and say Hi - I even asked mum how could I get down on stage to say hi - that one she just wasn't able to make happen and I think we may have got in trouble !!!

Robbie & Rove announcing Empire of the Sun as the big winner of the night.

Keith Urban opened the night - great performance - Empire of the sun performed their winning song ' Walking on Dream '


Melissa Hoyer ( Sunday Telegraph & fashionista ) & Glenn Wheeler ( 2GB ) they were so lovely to talk to


Friday, October 23, 2009

Boxing in Nambucca

Kyle, me and Aline : )

Hi guys - thought I would fill you in on where I went last Saturday ( 17th Oct 2009 )
My friend Kyle Hands invited me to the boxing, he is a ref. They have the proper ring and ring girls !! This is a photo I got with them.
I really liked the boxing, we took Poppy along because he used to do a bit of boxing himself.
I had the best time, there was only one part I didn't like and that was when some blood splattered over onto our table. The boxer had a bleeding nose.

Below is me with the ring girls and one of the boxers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Concert PICS - me as Robbie !!

Hey everyone - little bit late but I have a few photo's of the night to share with you. The concert was great although I was a little tired and ended up doing 2 songs but loved every minute of it.
I have some cool dancers that will dance with me whenever we do a performance - they are the C-Mac Dancers ( Hailey, Kat & Amy ). They are even going to be dancers for Robbee Williams Live show - so look out for them : )

I will get some more sorted soooooon : )

Sunday, August 2, 2009

ROCK with CONNOR concert 2009


Hi Everyone - this is a sneak peak into what my concert is going to be all about.
It is being held at the Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club, 25th September 2009. Tickets are $25.

For $25 My friends and I will ENTERTAIN YOU and we guarantee you will have a great night –

Robbee Williams Live a fully produced stage performance with band, light show and dancers, guaranteed to please ! Chart topping hits will be performed. You can check out the great show on

Tommy Memphis as Elvis – direct from the Gold Coast – faithfully recreates the KING though out his whole career. Go to to see a piece of what he will be doing.

I am going to sing a few songs with my friends – and sing a Michael Jackson favourite and a couple of my Robbie Williams favourites.

There is also a mystery guest to perform on the night !!!! suprise !!

There will also be raffles with great prizes running on the night.

We have made sure that there is a little something that will appeal to everybody - whatever age or music type they like.


For more information you can email

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meeting Troy Cassar-Daley & Felicity Urquhart

Last night I went to the sound check and part of the concert at the Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club for Troy Cassar-Daley and his support act Felicity Urquhart.
I got to meet them and have a chat and a photo.

Felicity Urquhart was on the Christmas CD that I organised to raise money for chronically ill children at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. Felcity donated a song for the CD.

We are doing another Christmas Album next year and I have asked Troy if he would like to be on it. We are in talks about that ......... got keep it a secret as to who I have on the next one !!

The concert was great they both are great singers and entertainers and lovely people.

It is a shame they can't make it for Rock with Connor. Maybe we can get them on the 2010 one !!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meeting Parramatta Eels at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Hi Guys - I am in hospital at the moment for some checkups and got to meet some of the Parramatta Eels. They came to Radio Bedrock at the hospital - they came with Ben Iken and they were all really nice guys.

They played a football game and had a footy quiz where you got to win tickets to some NRL games. Guess what I won tickets to the Souths and West Tigers game - I can take my pop cause he goes for the Tigers.

I got to meet three of the players - Feleti Mateo, Chris Keating and Junior Paulo. These are some photo's with them. They were really really nice guys and had a talk with me.

I liked meeting Ben Iken as well - he used to play for the Bronco's ( my number 1 team ) so he is a good man !!

What a great night I had - won't be able to get to sleep ................

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chopsticks !!!

Hi everyone - I have decided to do a bit of research in how I would go eating all my food with chop sticks only. Yes it can be a little difficult, and slow but I am hanging in there and doing my bit for society........................
Last night I tried potato & salmon bake which was a hard task but I did it, then for afters I had a lovely cup cake ( pictured )

Monday, June 8, 2009

NRL Footy Folder

Hi everyone - I am putting out a question to everyone and anyone......... does anyone know where I can get the 2009 Footy Folder that fits the Tazo's in............. am needing one and they are out of stock on the website.
I have collected nearly all this years TAZO's ( with a little help from my friends ) and I want to put them in the proper folder so I can add to my collection.
I got all the TAZO's for 2008 and the 2008 folder - my aim is to collect them each year and then display them in the proper folder.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip to USA

Hey guys thought I would tell you about my trip to Orlando Florida - with The Children's Miracle Network ( CMN ). I was the only Australian representative, and I received a medal for my strength and courage in dealing with my illness.
It was so so brilliant we stayed at Disney World, met some really lovely people, everyone was so nice to us.
We were there for the CMN Celebration, where all the sponsors, hospitals and the chosen champion children got together.
There was 1 child from every state of America & Canada, 3 children from the UK and 3 from Ireland and then little old me from Australia.
I was away from Australia for 3 weeks because I had to have stop overs in Honolulu and LA for 2 nights each so we could regulate my medical procedures. I know what your thinking ' poor me ' it must have been awful......... we didn't get to see any of LA as we were in an airport hotel. In Honolulu though we were right on the beach so we got to see Waikiki - which was awesome - the surf boards are HUGE !!!!.
I have attached some photo's of my stay.