Saturday, December 5, 2009

2GB Chat with Glenn Wheeler

Saturday 28th November 2009

Glenn let me come in and talk to him on his radio show - my mum and I went in for an hour to have a chat about hospital and other things I have been up to .

Glenn was great to talk to - I had a great laugh with him and also some little bits of serious about my condition - then we talked about us meeting at the ARIA's. I joked and said it was like love at first site !!!! lol - he was just commenting on how we hit it off and I had a chat with him after the ARIA's for about 15 minutes.

Glenn also sent his driver ' Sam the cabbie ' out to the hospital to pick mum and I up. The car was really cool and Sam was really really nice as well. Here is a picture of Sam and I when he dropped us back at the hospital.

I hope we get to keep in touch and see more of Glenn - he is cool. So watch out Glenn I will be getting some good jokes to hit you with as well.

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