Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods & Funding for hospitals

2GB chat with Glenn Wheeller ( 12/12/09 )

Hi everyone - well my chat to Glenn this week was about the above topics - so if you missed it here is a little update.

TIGER WOODS - well the question is should he give up golf or not ????

Well I think he should definitely take a break while he concentrates on his wife and kids. Then go back to what he loves doing as he is pretty dam good at it and it is his job that is how he pays the bills.
The sponsors have kept him on as they have chosen him for his golfing skills, and this has given them lots of publicity.


In Saturday's telegraph it showed a little baby that had been saved and it was explaining how costly it is to keep the sick children alive.
I go to the Children's Hospital at Westmead and have done since I was flown at birth. If it wasn't for the equipment and specialised doctor's I would not be here today. I go to the hospital from 6 to 15 times a year and have had 43 operations and countless tests and treatments.

The hospital has to raise around $30 million dollars this year to make these services and care available to all the really sick kids. Without this money we wouldn't have the specialist doctors and we wouldn't have the extra care and equipment needed.

I know the girls in fund raising at the hospital and they tell me how much they have to raise. It is huge I was shocked when I first heard it was in the millions I thought I would help.

So now I help my girlfriends at the hospital by raising money for the hospital with concerts, calendars and CD's.

My mum says - until you are there at the hospital or have a family member or friend that is ill you don't realise how much we rely on their exert help and care. Once you have been touched by someone that has saved your child you can not resist helping them.

We give 10% of our profits from our online shop to the Children's Hospital at Westmead to help other chronically ill children like me.

Well its over and out from me.

Connor : )

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